Hot Garage Door Trends for 2020

Hot Trend in The Garage Door Market For 2020

   One of the hottest trends in construction right now is to place a garage door on something other than a garage. The door takes the place of a wall, or a window.

In the commercial sector the Modern Aluminum™ by Overhead Door® is showing up in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, wineries, and breweries across the Greater Sacramento area. Check out this build featured at Polanco Restaurant in the DOCO.

The Residential arena is also using this door as a star in their home's design. Customers are designing a door to open up a space to create indoor outdoor living. We are seeing this install on pool houses, bars, outdoor kitchens, man caves, and game rooms. 


The Modern Aluminum® can be customized for an array of applications. You can learn more about this versatile garage door here.

These types of projects are often times a custom build. The door is designed to fit your measurements and space details. We always offer free estimates on new garage doors. If you would like to get an estimate on your home or business building click here.