Introducing the High Speed RapidFlex® by Overhead Door.

                 Introducing the High Speed RapidFlex®


This door is great for large openings, manufacturing, parking garages, mining, distribution facilities, and warehouses. The springless design of this innovative doors allows for low maintenance.

You can learn all about the RapidFlex® in this online brochure. http://file:///Users/meloniesanfilippo/Desktop/high-speed-doors-brochure-995.pdf

We always offer Free estimates on new garage doors. If your business would like an estimate call us at (916)421-3747 to set up an appointment.


The RapidFlex® is only one door in a series of high speed doors that we feature. You can learn all about our high speed door collection on our website.

This commercial high speed RapidFlex® was designed for a demanding environment.  Watch this video for more details.