Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Led Bulb

Overhead Door Introduces an LED Light Bulb Designed For Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are fantastic for safety, security, and convenience. They also have another feature most people use on a daily basis which is the light. The Overhead Door Company has introduced a new LED light bulb with an estimated 25,000 hour life span designed specifically for garage door openers. These light bulbs are fantastic because there is no interference with most major garage door openers.

This light bulb is very energy efficient, and runs at an estimated cost of only $1.07 per year. Based on this light running for three hours a day it will last you and your family for an estimated 22 years. That is a long time. The brightness of this light is 800 lumens, so it lights up the space nicely

Garage Door Opener LED Bulb Has An Estimated 25,000 Hour Life Span.

This LED bulb is vibration, and shatter resistant. Garage door openers vibrate when they open, and this bulb was engineered specifically for that purpose. Regular light bulbs can have a decreased lifespan due to the vibrations, however the Overhead Door LED bulb was engineered to withstand 5G force testing, which far exceeds a typical vibration of an opener.