Dock Seals

TS101 Fixed Head Dock Seal

The TS101 foam dock seal with fixed head pad over side pads provides the tightest possible seal between interior & exterior environments for high volume traffic with consistent trailer widths & heights. This three sided seal is still the leading cost effective means to seal a dock door opening. A wide selection of highly durable fabrics and additional wear surfaces are available to maximize durability. A variety of pad width, projections, tapers and bevel shapes assure customer satisfaction.



TS111 — 22 oz. Vinyl ------ Medium usage

TS121 — 40 oz. Vinyl ------ Medium to Heavy usage

TS141 — Truk Flex™ ------ Heavy usage

TS151 — Rough Flex™ --- Medium usage



  •     Head pad over side pads
  •     10” projection with 4” dock bumper
  •     22 oz. vinyl base fabric
  •     8’wide x 8’high opening maximizes seal
  •     7’6” between side pads at face

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