Three button mini Code Dodger remote control (Generation II). Features an automatic seek technology that responds to a 315 or 390 mhz frequency to reduce any potential external radio interference. Features Code Dodger 2 access security system that is also compatible with Code Dodger 1 technology. This remote control will operate up to three different garage door openers and provides a low battery warning when the battery needs to be replaced.

Compatible with all Overhead Door Code Dodger and Genie Intellicode garage door openers.

This remote control is standard with all Overhead Door Odyssey 1000 (model# 7030), Odyssey 1200 (model #8030), Destiny 1200 (model # 8030), and Destiny 1500 (model # 8060) garage door openers.

WARNING: This remote control may not work properly with any Genie Intellicode or Overhead Door CodeDodger garage door opener manufactured prior to 1999. If your garage door opener is manufactured prior to 1999, it is recommended to order part #37517R (Description: TRANSMITTER - 3 button CD).

Part Number: 37219R, O3T-BX, 1704, ocd390-3

Price: $45.00


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