CodeDodger wireless keyless entry, Series II (keypad) with a White flip up cover. Compatible with all Overhead Door CodeDodger and all Genie Intellicode garage door openers. This keyless entry features a lighted keypad and will allow you to control up to three different garage doors. Programming instructions are included.

This keyless entry includes:

  • Auto seek dual frequency automatically finds the best operating frequency of 315 or 390 MHz
  • Temporary PIN fives access to cable or phone worker, plumbers etc. which clears once the owner's master PIN is entered
  • Operates multiple Overhead Door and Genie openers with Code Dodger/Intellicode technology
  • Code Dodger/Intellicode 2 technologyy - Compatible with Code Dodger/Intellicode 1
  • This keyless entry comes standard with a white exterior cover.

Price: $60.00


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