Carriage assembly for all Overhead Door and Genie AC screwdrive openers and the DC screwdrive openers, Genie Excelerator and the Overhead Door OverDrive.

Overhead Door AC Screwdrive Model - Signature, 930, 950, 930CD, 950CD

Overhead Door DC Screwdrive Model - Overdrive, 990, Powermax, 4060L

Genie AC Screwdrive Model - CM7600,CM8600, PRO95, H4000, H6000, IS-ISL-IMS A/B series, GXL-CL, Directlift 2060L, Directlift Plus 3060L, 2560, 3560

Genie DC Screwdrive Model - Excelerator, H8000, ISD series, PRO99, CMD9900) 

Part Numbers: 34107RS, 36179R

RECOMMENDATION: When replacing a carriage for a screwdrive opener, it is recommended to clean and lubricate the screwdrive rail

Price: $40.00


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